We've crafted our approach—

What makes us different is our approach to managing our client relationships. We have a specific process for each stage of our engagement, with an absolute laser focus on adding value to our clients at each stage. In addition to qualified and experienced agents, we have specialized administrative staff dedicated to the various stages of our process.

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There are so many variables in buying and selling a home, so many things to weigh and consider. Our job is to help you navigate through all that complexity. There are many steps to consider during the actual transaction, but definitely some to consider before even starting!

We scoured the web to find tools to provide our clients with a way to ‘ballpark’ costs associated with a move. There are a lot of them out there, but many that require you to input contact information before they give you the results – yuck, and nowhere that consolidates virtually everything in a single place.

You asked us, HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO MOVE, AND WHAT CAN I AFFORD??? We’ve consolidated and built the tool to answer that for you, with no obligation to use it or get the results. We’ve got trusted relationships with vendors in each of these fields who helped us build these, and we are happy to introduce you to them should you need a bit of support in finding reputable vendors.


Managing Transactions—

An average transaction goes through between 30 and 100 pages of documents. Not only do we have an enormous amount of experience as REALTORS®, but we’ve got a very highly qualified team supporting our business. Keeping all of the paperwork in line, correct and accurate is critical. There is very little room for error, and we don’t make many.

We’ve gone through hundreds and hundreds of transactions. Our ability to negotiate with other realtors and clients is both an art and a science. We’ve studied negotiating tools and techniques from icons in both real estate and business, as well as ‘trial by fire’ in the trenches. Counter-offer amounts, the timing of responses, how responses are made, client storytelling and so many other factors massively impact the negotiation. We always strive for the best possible outcome for both parties, that elusive win-win. Rest assured, the key to any negotiation is who is ‘in control’ of the process and that’s us.

The Pareto Principle has proved out in almost every industry. The top 20% of performers account for 80% of the business. We have been in that top 20% for many years, often near the top of that group. You can be confident that we aren’t ‘learning’ with you on a transaction. We are a well-oiled machine, rarely do we come across a ‘well I’ve never seen that before’ situation, unless we are the ones coming up with something really creative.



Timelines are critical when you move through a transaction towards closing. The team you build around you, from your lawyer to your mover and everyone around them, is what helps put your mind at ease. We play an active role in this and are available to answer questions from your financial institution, lawyer or whomever else needs assistance.

Moving can be stressful, expensive and time-consuming, so we provide you a professional concierge service free of charge.

We hold your hand during the vulnerable period between closing and moving day, and help you organize and manage your move as an extension of our service. Our personalized user portal will guide you through each step of your move, from keeping track of government documentation address changes and setting up utilities to finding a reputable mover. We also offer live concierge support, have exclusive offers and deals from our partner vendors. We can even aid you in finding a new doctor, or even a babysitter or daycare!

  • Change addresses and forward your mail
  • Transfer utilities
  • Find movers, storage, or truck rental
  • Budget your move and much, much more!

Settled & Closing—

There are a lot of variables on the day of closing; when does the financing company send the money to the lawyer?, when do we get the key?, the moving trucks are waiting! Rest assured that we are available to assist in any way we can, from bringing a key to opening a lockbox, interacting with lawyers and following up with the realtor on the other side of the transaction. Our role doesn’t stop until you get exactly what you expected!

We are done when you are HAPPY…as soon as you get in-to your new house, use the appliances – ‘bake a cake’, ‘do a load of laundry’, ‘do a load of dishes’ – if there are any issues, it’s ALWAYS easier to do something about it immediately on closing.


Invest or Up/Downsize—

Everybody starts, or restarts, a potential real estate transaction the same way. ‘What am I missing with my current property that I want to change?’ A big part of our role in your journey is to help you eliminate options, especially in the early stages of a transaction. Figuring out what you don’t want is almost as critical as figuring out what you do want!

Our job is to help you walk into a home, and to know very quickly if this is the right fit for you or not. That can happen on the first or second showing, or it can be on the thirtieth! Knowing what you DON’T want helps eliminate options. Narrowing down the list of options makes decision making much easier.

No house is ever perfect, but our focus on keeping you true to your identified needs helps facilitate decision making, especially when the market is hot. We do everything we can to help eliminate the dreaded buyer’s remorse. When you make a decision that FEELS RIGHT, but also makes sense logically, you can rest assured that you will be comfortable long term. We help remove the emotional aspect of real estate, whether it be your new family home, a flip or an investment property



Your trust in how we manage transactions for your friends and family are exactly how we stay in business. Our reputation sustains us.

We are here to be your trusted ‘source’ for real estate information. Family or friends have questions or need anything? Feel free to point them to us. Want to know the latest details or information about the market, let’s have a coffee. This is what we do, all day every day.

Our expectation is that the relationship we have with each of our clients will continue, well past the actual transaction. We have a mantra, ‘we don’t build our business on transactions, we build our business on relationships’. We look forward to building that type of relationship with you!



One of our primary beliefs is that you, our client, needs to feel appreciated and special. We strive to treat every client like a million-dollar client, regardless of what size individual transaction is happening. If you don’t feel that way, we need to know, so we can make it right!

Being introduced to a family member, friend or a colleague of one of our existing clients is something sacred to us. We understand that your reputation is on the line, every time you connect us with someone in your own sphere of influence, and how we interact with them will reflect directly on you. We treat every referral with kid gloves and commit to keeping you informed each step of the way. It’s important to us that you feel a sense of inclusion and security in the process.

Our business has been built for decades on our ability to let you know that YOU are our most CRITICAL resource. We don’t ‘cold call’ and we don’t ‘door knock’. If our existing clients don’t feel like they were well served by engaging with us, we haven’t done our job to the highest standards to which we set for ourselves.

The only reason we keep in business is your trust in us. Your trust in us, and the referrals you entrust to us, are what keeps us at the
top of our field.



Unfortunately, there are many buyers and sellers out there who don’t have a strong relationship with a reputable, trustworthy REALTOR®. People who come to us from our online presence or from an open house need to feel like we’ve delivered some value to them. Our job is to quickly build some rapport and trust. The easiest way to do that is by consistent communication, especially if they are expecting to be in the market soon, either buying or selling.

We have a variety of tools to create early value for new relationships. Some are on this site, like the variety of useful calculators, referrals to reputable vendors, and valuable real estate information sent to our clients monthly.

Our many years of work with new construction also makes us ideally suited to walk a new buyer through the intricacies of buying a
brand-new home.


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